Footpaths of St. Joseph’s

  1. The illustrious Educational Institution St. Joseph’s Hr. Sec School is a legacy of the 19th Century, handed down to us by the venerable fathers of the society of the foreign mission of Paris.
  2. Mgr. Bonand who was appointed as vicar apostolic of Pondy Mission in 1836 A.D. held two synods with his priests. As an outcome of these two synods, it was decided that education of the boys and girls in towns and villages was of primeimportance. In a way this became the VISION and MISSION of St.Joseph’s.
  3. The site of our school which had been “Colonel Garden” (Karnal Thottam) was a gift of land measuring 25.13 acres. Lt. Colonel J.Hazzelewood gave this land to Mgr. Bonand D.D. Vicar Apostolic of Pondy Mission.
  4. On the fine winter morning of 22nd January 1868 St. Joseph’s High School was born in all humility and modesty.Rev. Fr. L. Reneuvier was the first Principal. Then in the year 1884 St. Joseph’s was raised to the status of a second grade College with humanities and mathematics. Again in 1909 it was reduced to the status of High School.
  5. There is a boarding house for the Catholic Boys. For the non Chiristian Students a hostel was inaugurated on 27th June 1962.
  6. In the year 1969 St. Joseph’s celebrated the centenary of its glorious existence and outstanding service to the cause of education.
  7. Our School was upgraded into a Higher Secondary School in the Year 1979. Realising the importance of education for kids. St. Joseph’s Nursery School was started on 16th June 1982. This Karnal Thottam reached its zenith of glory when St. Joseph’s college of Arts & Science was inaugurated in the year 1991 catering to the need of Higher Education.
  8. St. Joseph’s which was a tiny mustard seed in the year 1868, grew up into a mighty tree in the fullness of one hundred and twenty five years of chequered history. On 21.01.1994 the post centennial Silver Jubilee was celebrated.
  9. St. Joseph’s Nursery School celebrated its Silver Jubilee celebrations on 17th March 2006.