Though academic excellence is the ultimate goal of education, it is not the be all and end all of school life. In the field of sports, our school has carved for itself a special place in the country. Talented students in sports are often selected at the National level from our School. We have a eight lane track, the only of its kind in any school in Tamilnadu. Within the tracks a Foot Ball Ground is enclosed. We have a stadium surrounded by galleries. Apart from this the entire campus is studded with many other courts. They include one more Foot Ball Ground, Two Hockey Courts, Three Kho – Kho Fields, Four Volley Ball Courts, Two Badminton Courts and Five Cemented Basket Ball courts. Our students who are fortunate to have been provided with such enviable infrastructural facilities have proved worthy of that fortune. Being given specialized coaching by thirteen coaches for five disciplines, our students have won laurels in sports map even at the national Level by winning the first round in the Subarto Mukherjee Foot Ball Tournament in Delhi.